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You've Hit the Winner's Circle!

Thanks for coming!   You'll find a complete assortment of the fastest sim racing products on the internet.  If you're looking for my renowned button boxes, precision machined wheel plates, wheel adapters, sequential shifters and extended wheel paddles, as well as  various other components, you've hit the Winner's Circle right here!  Everything is designed and built for speed and high performance.

I've been active in our sport of virtual racing for over twenty years.  I love the fun, excitement and community we all enjoy.  Many lessons have been taught and learned in that time, and that experience is what drives my designs, attention to detail and quality.  You'll find my ideas and products here offer you functionality, economy, immersion and fun.  Each product is designed and made meeting those requirements - and my stuff is hot!

Listen, you're not only my customers, you're my friends too.  If you're having more fun and enjoyment with my products than you did before using them, then my job is complete!

I'm fortuante to have served thousands of sim racing fans worldwide with my components.  When you have DSD, you have the win!

Thanks again for visiting,
Derek Speare

PS - If you have questions fire off an email to derek.speare @ derekspearedesigns.com - Please make sure you see the FAQ - (Remove the spaces in the email address).