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Everyone loves to win.   Here's your chance to win a DSD Track Boss!

To get your name into the drawing to win this prize, simply send your name to the email below (remove the spaces).  Make sure to put your name in the subject line, and use ONLY the below email address.

The Winner's name will be announced here on September 2nd at 8pm Eastern Time US (calculate your own timezone).  If your name is picked, you'll need to confirm back to the below email with your shipping address (provide COMPLETE) details.

If you win and don't reply within 24 hours of when your name is announced here, you forfeit the prize and a new name is chosen.  The process of confirmation starts again, and the new winner has 24 hours to confirm the same way. 

DSD has given away more than 150 button boxes and other prizes.  Send your name in and you could add your name to that roster - thank you for the priviledge of serving the sim racing community!


Derek Speare

Here is the email address to enter:

dsdftw (at) derekspearedesigns.com

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Congratulations to

Mark Nellett!