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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, I have answers.  If you don't see your question here, fire me off an email and I will answer the best I can.  My email is derek.speare @ derekspearedesigns.com

Q - What happens when I place my order?

A - You will receive a personal order confirmation by email to the email address you have of record with paypal.  I normally send confirmations within a couple of hours, and I monitor my email nearly all day.  Your order confirmation will indicate the component you've ordered and when it will ship to you.  Thank you in advance if you make an order!

Q – How do I connect my box, shifter or DSD circuit to my computer?  Is it easy?

A – My USB components are perfectly easy and truly plug and play.  Your device simply connects to a USB port on your computer and Windows will handle the rest.  Windows will identify it as a game controller.

Q - Do you supply a USB cable with your boxes or shifters?

A - USB Cables are not supplied.  All of my devices use the Type A to B and that's the same cable found for any USB printer - they're very common and most folks have extras.

Q – How do I program my box in iRacing or other sims?

A – You configure your box as you would with your wheel or other devices.  Simply choose a function to which you wish to designate a control and press the button on your button box.

Q - How can I mount my box or Velocity?

A - I recommend the Ram Mount.  Please refer to the below template for moutning diagrams and recommendations.

Download Ram Mount Guide Here

Q – Can I connect more than one box to my computer?

A – Yes, and I have personally verified that iRacing will use two boxes, a wheel with pedals and another USB game pad simultaneously.  The USB components I manufacture are fully compatible with Windows 7.  They are recognized as simple game controllers.  Any Windows 7 title which will use a game controller will see my USB devises.

Q – Can I order a customized component?

A – All of my components are designed and configured to ensure durability, longevity and to be good looking.  I would like to make individual customizations, but it is not possible.  I can offer a box with all red, black, blue, yellow or green buttons in place of other colored buttons. 

Q - From what material are your components constructed?

A - All of my boxes are made from ABS plastic and other various composite plastics.  Shifters are aluminum, steel and other materials.

Q – Do you take paypal?

A – Paypal is my exclusive payment management system.

Q – What is the method of shipment you use?

A – I ship your components exclusively via the United States Postal Service’s Priority Mail or First Class Mail.  The fee for shifters and boxes is 10.95 and delivery is within 2-3 days.  When I ship your order, you will get automatic notification via paypal of the shipping information.  For international orders, I use the US Postal Service's International Priority Mail service.  The fee is 23.95 USD.

Q - Where do you get your components?

A - I source all of my components from industrial suppliers in the United States.  My materials, enclosures buttons, switches, wiring, circuits, etc. are all obtained from suppliers who have been in business for many years and sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of product annually the world over. 

Q - How long does it take to receive button box?

A -  I do my orders in groups to manage the work flow.  Once you make your order, you will receive a confirmation email from me.  From there I average 22 days to when your order is shipped.  The main page of my site offers my promised shipping dates.  I also look to keep as many devices on hand for immediate shippment.  The main page of the site will indicate what is immediately available.

Q - Do your boxes have options for rotary switches?

A - Yes - some new controllers will be released with rotary switches.

Q - Do you offer boxes with rotary encoders?

A - Yes.  Please see my Velocity Input Interface or the Black Max II.

Q - How do you program rotary encoders on my box?

A - Rotary encoders on all DSD Componnets are treated as any other button or toggle.  You designate a function to an encoder in the same manner by which you designate functions to your other buttons, etc.

Q - What is the difference between the rotary encoder and two way toggle switch?

A - The difference is mechanical.  The toggles are acuated each time they are pressed in either direction and will repeat a unique function for each time they are pressed in the intended direction.  Rotary encoders turn infinitely in both directions, and they simply repeat a funtion in one direction and a different function in the other.

Q - How do I mount my Button Box or Velocity Controller?

A - I recommend the Ram Mounting Systems mounts.  Please see http://www.ram-mount.com for all of their moutning solutions.  Use your own best judgment on what is right for your sim racing space.  Refer to the download at the bottom of this page for some Ram Mounts which may work for you.  A printed copy of the template is included with every order.

Q - Do you offer customized components?  

A - Here are the questions I ask when considering a custom request:  

1 – Does the component create something new or innovative?
2 – Is the part of potential interest to the Sim Racing Community as a whole?
3 – Is the component more than a simple change to something I currently offer?  

If any question is “no”, then I don’t consider it.  If all three are yes, I may or may not consider something.  However, more times than not, requests are not considered.   

Q - How long does it take for international shipping?

A - Please allow a minimum of 10 to 15 working days for international deliveries.  In many cases it’s less, but in other cases it’s longer.  I ship thousands of orders all over the world annually, and they all arrive to where they are shipped.

Q- Do you offer invoicing?  

A - No – Full payment is expected in advance, and orders are made via my site with paypal.

Q - What type of connectors do you recommend to use on your circuit boards?  

A - Use two or three pin, female jumpers.  You can find truckloads of them on ebay.  All header pins are spaced at 0.100" (2.54mm), a standard pin spacing convention.

Q - I want to put your logo on my car - can I use your logo?

A - Certainly!  Many of my customers and friends run my logo on their cars.  I appreciate it much!!

Download DSD Official Logo Here

Q - Do you have decals?

A - Yes!  I have some decals, but I admit they are not the best.  Print them out on label paper and you'll be good.  I am making efforts to produce some cool decals, and if you have those kinds of skills send me an email!

Download DSD Decals Here

Q - Are your products ROHS compliant?

A - The Reduction Of Hazardous Materials effort is a serious matter, one I consider to be necessary, responsible and important.  I make every effort to source ROHS compliant components when they can be obtained.

Q - Do you offer components or products not shown on here on the DSD Site?

A - No.  If it's not listed here, it's not offered.

The following terms are applicable to ALL sales:

DSD strives to exceed your expectations in every way!  My high performance virtual racing products are designed and built with this chief goal. 

Sales to US customers are made with a 30 day, unconditional, money back guarantee.  All buyers  are responsible for return shipping fees.  Returned items must be shipped with delivery or signature confirmation, include all original packaging and be sent with insurance covering the full replacement costs plus original shipping fees.  The exceptions to the Return Policy are Mini Plates as well as DSD Circuit boards and electornics - all sales for those components are final.  Seller is not repsonsible for returned items damaged or lost in transit.  Damaged retrun items will be returned to buyer at buyer's expense;  Sales to international customers are final and buyer accepts these terms upon payment of order;  Seller is not responsible for any delays or damages as a result of shipping, customs inspections or other matters related to domestic or international shipping;  Seller is not responsible for packages rerouted, lost or misdirected;  All items are shipping according to the address indicated by the buyer;  Buyer is responsible for all customs, duties, taxes or other fees levied by their national customs or taxation authorities.  Should an item be returned for warranty claim during the first 30 days after receipt, the item will be repaired or replaced at the seller's sole discretion.  Buyer represents that no other warranties, either express or implied have been stated and that the information presented on this site is the only information upon which his order or orders are based. 

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