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New orders for CSW Panels Ship on or before September 16th

Side Panels for the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel

If you want total control at your fingertips - which is where it shold be - my DSD Side Panels for the Clubsport (and Forza Elite) wheel makes something great simply spectacular!  Each panel mount is precision laser cut from 3/8" acrylic and mounts to the existing holes on the CSW base (screws are included).  You have three separate face styles from which to choose and you can use a left side, right site or both as you like as each side panel is an independent USB device. 

Style A - 5 Two Way momentary toggles, 6 pushbuttons, 5 Two Way rotary encoders

Style B - 2 covered toggles, 4 two way momentary toggles, 4 pushbuttons, 3 encoders, 1 large lighted "FVS" button

Style C - 2 covered toggles, 4 two way momentary toggles, 4 pushbuttons, 5 rotary encoders

NB - For example, you can order "Right Side - Style B" and you will recieve the right side shown in the photo immediately below.  Each style type has a photo here.  There's one photo below with all of them in it.  I'm wanting to keep it as simple as possible for everyone!

Side Panels for the CSW

Choose either the left or right side panel.  Choose your Face Style - and then get to having full control where you need it!

129.75 USD

Choose Either Right or Left
Choose Face Style

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