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Everyone enjoys crafting their sim racing space to fit their own, unique needs and demands.  DSD offers top quaility and economical compoents so you can race your way.  Below are wheel adapters, wheel paddles, SLI Tabs, wheel plates, gate plates and a host of sim racing goodies sure to get your setup the way you want.  All components ship anywhere in the world for free.  All components normally ship the next day.

Be advised that the components on this page have an "Add to Cart" function.  These are the only components offered that way.  The cart function is provided for components on this page to make ordering a bit easier.  Multiple orders for Boxes, Shifters, Velocities, Circuits and Mini Plates will be needed.  Thank you for your interest!

Wheel Adapters - G25/27 Wheels

Have you painstakingly built your rig and  want to outfit it with an aftermarket Momo, OMP, Sparco or other adtermarket wheel?  Do you have a Logitech G25/G27 or a Thrustmaster T500RS?  We have you covered! 

Our universal adapters will allow you to mount your favorite aftermarket wheel to your prized racing wheel system.  All of our adapters are precision cast from composite urethane, and this stuff is bulletproof.  Mount your favorite wheel in a flash and only spend half of what others charge.  Our universal adapter will let you put the final touches on your racing rig!  For any wheel with a 70mm mount (contact your wheel's maker for their technical information) - $33.75 USD, self threading screws to mount your wheel to the adapter are included.  The adapter is 19.5mm thick.

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Extended Wheel Paddles for G25/27 Wheels

DSD Extended Wheel Paddles are precision CNC machined from G10/FR4 Fire Retardant Garolite. The material (0.060" thick) is very similar to what to the same material used to make circuit boards, but it's stronger and even fire retardant (hoping you'll never need it!).  The Extended Wheel Paddles come in three sizes and are direct fit for Logitech G25 and G27 wheels.  If you have an aftermarket wheel, this is your hookup.


(for reference, stock G25/27 paddles are 95mm in length.  Mine are 108mm, 124mm and 139mm) - $29.75 USD per pair, screws included.

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