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As many sim racing fans know, it's vital to have a button box controller for racing. I'm pleased to have a few of mine into service in the sim racing community, and I am probably the biggest advocate of having the right control component in the right place at the right time.

Some may have learned the hard way that reaching over to the keyboard to type a command or look for a particular key to cycle a menu can mean a 4x...or man, lots of growling or even "You %$^#$#....I can't believe what a $#@#$@ ^&%&%& you are!". The need for an easy to use, intuitive and attractive Sim Racing Controller is effectively self evident. DSD is the one to choose!

The FVS Button Box we produced over the past couple of years was retired late last year. It was originally named after the first customer who brought me the idea to include a large illuminated button on a box. It turned out not to be impossible, and the FVS was born. That large button is pretty cool, and the FVS was the most popular of the GT1 series I used to offer. Anyhow, I retired the FVS knowing I'd offer the FVS II. Here it is:

FVS II Specifications:

4 push buttons
2, two way toggles, 2 on/off toggles
One lighted push button
4, two way rotary encoders
19 total functions 97.75 USD

6.75"/170mm x 4.75"/122mm x 2.25"/55mm
Overall height of about 3.5"/85mm)

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